Frown Town

In frown town
Everyone's down
Nobody's happy
Not even the clown

When somebody's mean
They show no remorse
They talk so unclean
Even the horse

When someone gets sick
Or falls down the stairs
There isn't a hospital;
Nobody cares


Your hands are growing

No sign of slowing;

It's hard to know

Just where they're going

How are you gonna use the computer now?

Your fingers press multiple buttons with each stroke

And they're still growing larger and larger and larger

Pretty soon they're not going to fit in the same room as you

It's been several days

The landlord kicked you out of your apartment

How he managed, no one knows

But now you're walking the streets with these ginormous hands

You also fill the streets

Now you've gotten lodged between these two buildings

It's a big problem

They're getting shovels out to help pry you off